Happy 2004 Resolutions

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Happy 2004!

Happy new year, everybody! I hope everyone had memorable moments in the past 365 days. Now that 2004 has arrived, I’m sure a lot of you out there are probably already thinking of new year resolutions. Personally, I don’t believe in them. If you want to get something done, you do it. But if new year resolutions helps you be a better person. Who am I to question you?

Anyways, while checking out my “INBOX” that I haven’t cleaned out in the past couple of weeks, (besides the porn spam) I found a lot of junk mail advertisments preying on human insecurities. As I deleted them, scanning the texts made me think of how people should define themselves in approaching their resolutions for the new year. Let’s snag a few tag lines from these ads:

  • “Get the money you need to pay your bills” – These claim that they possess a financial system that are making everyone rich. If you purchase the secret money making plans, their claim continues, you will eventually be able to fire your boss and retire early. I know a lot of people who are financially well-off but, as far as I know, they did it through hardwork and patience in their skills, abilities, and/or creativity. And that’s not a secret.
  • “Powerful Anti-Aging Breakthrough” – This one proclaims a new discovery in the fountain of youth. This suppose to increase your stamina and energy and make you feel young again. These are supposedly endorsed by doctors worldwide. And you can lose weight and look good for the coming summer without exercise or diet. Fucken lazy people would only want this.
  • “Are you happy?” – With these techniques and/or pills, you’re suppose to escape depression. Again, they are endorsed by doctors worldwide. Not to get all psycho-babbling-analytical with y’all but I thought happiness comes from within? Isn’t self-knowledge the beginning of happiness?
  • “As seen on NBC, CBS, CNN, and even Oprah” – Why are we like sheep and we follow “big” names of folks who we will probably don’t care to meet. Or, if we do actually meet these experts, we find that they don’t use the products they supposedly endorsed. Remember, they’re the ones on TV and you’re the ones naively keeping them there.

I don’t know if I learned much within the 31 years since I’ve been born but I’ll give somewhat of a few advices of how to improve oneself. You can take ’em or leave ’em. It’s your choice. That’s why this is rayhom.com. Anyways… You want to be attractive? Respect the opposite sex (or the same sex, if you prefer). You want to look good and feel sexy? Be disciplined in an exercise regiment and eat healthy. You want to have a lot of good friends? Be less socially insecure, stop hanging around one clique or associate with only one group. Because, before you know it, whether you do whatever you want to do or not do, it will already be 2005.

Have a sexy new year, peoples!