Intellectually Dishonest Species

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“I think you’re the most insidious, despicable force in entertainment today. How dare you subject the rest of the world to your loathesome views of humanity? …to mock some lonely people who are just craving a little attention in their lives… to destroy them? I mean, they’re still people. They still deserve a little respect and compassion. Who the hell are you? And what the fuck have you ever done to elevate yourself among the pathetic masses? Oh, that’s right. You created ‘The Dating Game’. Wow. That’s right up there with the Sistine Chapel.” – says the “beautiful mermaid” (my emphasis) to Chuck Barris, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Y’all enjoy the rationalization of William Hung (and accuse others of being haters?) by giving yourself the illusion that you’ve had achieved a higher rung on the evolutionary ladder. Such an intellectually dishonest species we are.