The Great Philosophers

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“This time I made up my mind/
This time I’m back in my prime/
I know there are things in my life that Imma let go starting tonight.”
– Dilated Peoples, This Way

You know how we all get those moments where we believe that it is time to change and we tell ourselves that “this is it… my life is about to make a turning point today, or today I will make history”? Do you? Really? Well, sorry, no, this is not one of those moments for me. Nor do I believe in such rhetorical bullshit. When we start deluding ourselves with such superstition, we disassociate ourselves from the past and don’t take responsibility for who we’ve become.

…just a few minutes ago, I was trying to watch my Sopranos but gawddarnitz done sent me a defective DVD. Must be a freakin’ sign tellin’ me I should spend more time in front of the computer writing than in front of the TV boiling my brains…

Okay. Sorry, folks. I’ve become complacent and lack motivation of late. I haven’t been updating as often and I end up doing half-ass jobs and left things undone. Case in point, Or more, I should say, the asian american eves eNovel. It was a mightier project then I had first assumed. It’s relatively done. I just gotta sit on my ass and edit it for clarity. I enjoy writing it but it became time consuming. It’s just easier sometimes that I’d rather do something else than take up the responsibility to finish it. Well, enough bitching and moaning with excuses. It is pretty much done as I write this, just a tad more tweaking and tightening of the draft — to it’s final stage.

But to keep your appetite wet with my writings (that is why you’re here, I hope?), let me offer you my latest short story entitled The Great Philosophers. I had finished writing this mid-2003. I’ve been submitting it to a few short story publishing companies. I get impatient waiting for a response from them, so I will allow you folks to read it here (for free!). Go ahead, read The Great Philosophers.