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Waking up this morning to another Lord’s Day of Rest (Yes, I know I’m atheist, but I rest too, on this day). Last night, I met up with Luann, Jason & Lily for the remake of the Amityville Horror. Unfortunately, after the tickets were bought, we couldn’t find seats, the audience was too young & too ghetto for us more quiet and attentive viewers of the cinema. Therefore, we got our refund, no questions asked. There’s a certain need for me to watch this film (see my entry previous entry dated 04.21.05), regardless what the reviews are saying. Amityville Horror had became part of my own personal historical knowledge in the sense that it tested my beliefs, disturbed many sleepless nights, and the music, visuals, and written work aroused the imagination of the “true story” was perfect for a young boy in the early 80s, when he had a urge of curiousity about the world we live in that he hoped was beyond the mundane. Amityville Horror did this for me, despite it being a hoax.

Anyways, we decided to head out to a dessert shop to chill instead. And, while we were slurping and snacking our food, I couldn’t help but observe the conversation between a couple, this burly Asian guy and the thin, belly-button-showing Asian chick, in the next booth. There’s the general topic of competitiveness of Asians, he was speaking in his rough, tough loud voice (so everyone can hear) about M3s and other topics of financial wealth. I don’t hate on a motherfucker for his money, go for what you can get. But, damn, the motherfucker was boring! He lacked a sense of wit! Never once did I hear the girl laugh… not even a giggle. Come on, us Asians gotta be more sexier than this! This is just an observation.

11:45AM: Heading out to meet with “Fee-Fee” Fiona for lunch. Just gettin’ dressed tryin’ to put on my damn left sock. Since my last entry, I’ve just been stuck in front of my laptop engrossed in Season 1, 2, and 3 of the Clone Wars. I need to make sure I’m not missing any previous knowledge of Star Wars before I can experience Episode III in about 2 weeks.

Today: a bunch of us at Coyote Point waiting forever for our chicken…