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As we begin another week, feeling a bit sluggish at work, wishing the weekend was here again. It’s psychological, I know. Especially, being it is only Monday. But what’s the big deal complaining about it being “only Monday”? It’s not like any of you folks are gonna cure cancer or discover a new advanced species on the outer rim of Alpha Centurai that will offer us knowledge that can bring us humans universal peace this coming weekend. So, quit your whining and have fun on this “only Monday”. Of course, get your shit done, first. Don’t blame me for slacking off. Get back to work…

I gotta stop squinting so much… me with Mikiko
(pic ripped from Tashie’s Xanga without her permission.
Heheheheh… Hi “GG”!)

Among my most favorite quotes from OZ, this still cracks me up!

Beecher: You really think God is gonna let us into heaven?
Keller: The two of us? He ain’t got the balls to keep us out.