Towards Half Dome 2006…

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First Crush was the name of the restaurant where we – including Luann, Jade, Jason, Terrell, Susanne, & Dave – had celebrated Lily’s bday last evening. Afterwards we hung out a place (part restaurant/part internet cafe) on Polk (forgot the name). Upstairs in this forgotten named place – for us – was overindulgence on karaoke, video games, and beer, beer, and, more beer. The owner (forgot his name) was, I believe, a freelance artists. He hung on his walls of this internet cafe drawings borne of his own mind. As I can recall, there was a dark unicorn, a gargoyle angel, a sad girl weeping with a knife in hand, many images of “warrior women” with either wide eyes or shut eyes. But the one that fucked my mind was an untitled drawing of a young girl against the backdrop of stairs. And in her arms she held either a baby girl or female doll with the body of a larva (which was inked in red). You can only imagine what an image like this does to one’s imagination… come on, imagine it. Okay, I will stop taunting. But, you won’t stop imagining.

My body aches from a day of natural life. This morning, SinCin and Mary got me going on a hike hosted by the AACO (Asian Americans for Community Outreach). It took place at Huddard Park in San Mateo. For about 6.2 miles and nearly 3 hours (drank about 2 bottles of water, and sweated gallons of sweat – and not the sexy kinda sweat too), we had hiked. I haven’t done something like this since 1994 when I conquered the 4 Mile Trail in Yosemite with Thuc & Van. Therefore, I had needed this refresher from civilization. Although, I do believe Man cannot evolve without technology and modern ideas, we need the balance of an understanding of our biological selves. And peeing (or pooping) and sex alone may not be enough. God, I sound like a fucken tree hunger. Anyways, at the end of the trail, I got buzzed on left-over Vodka that Mary had stashed away (I guess, for occasions like this). Now, my body is beaten by this natural life… I joked about possibly conquering Half-Dome someday. I know the girls are gonna call me on this. I’m gonna take a power nap now.