Tellin' These "Beeeaatches" Who's In Control

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I just got back from Green Apple bookstore, and the last impression I had was of a mid-age woman asking the cashier person if the latest Sylvia Brown book is in stock. Mo-ther-fu-cker… in this age of enlightenment and rationality, this world is still going to hell. A hell punishing the ignorant, ruled by those that deceive them. I guess that would be a naïve heaven, wouldn’t it? What’s next? Dr. Phil for president?

Lately, what I recommend (but not mandatory) to keep your soul busy and cultured before death arrives… I’ve been long gone lost into the latest episodes of The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and The Entourage… and engrossed in the final volumes of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, finally. And, yes Jason, I am also finally getting around to watching Band Of Brothers. So, eat a fat bitch! I’m finishing up the first two fantasy Quartet’s by Tamora Pierce, recommended by SinCin. They’re a bit girlie, but it’s quite engrossing to enter the land of Tortall. Anyways, SinCin grew up on these books, it’s her favorite. It’s what made SinCin be SinCin. But what that means, unfortunately, y’all will never know… I can’t figure her out either. I just ordered a book from Amazon (for a few bucks) by nobel laureate Gao Xingjian – Soul Mountain (I just couldn’t find the ebook version for “cheap”, if you know what I mean) – Thanks to you, Sheena! *sigh* Although I loved Batman Begins and I’m still waiting on to watch War of the Worlds, the movie I breezed through was probably George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead, and I forgot my zombie survival handbook. The media is such a bad influence on me! Anything to achieve Nirvana…

9:15pm: I just got back from the gym, and I wanna speak upon the observations I always make there. I always found amusement among the competitive nature of men. Assuming, other than health, most of these guys (including me) at the gym are working out to be (1) healthy, and, more importantly, (2) attract the opposite sex (or same sex, if they desire… or both, if they’re undecided.). But it’s the machismo coversations that a few of these men have that causes me to outright laugh at them… ’cause it makes them less attractive to the opposite sex. It’s simply their talk of their ability to understand and control women (which I’ve learned literally is impossible…). Typically, it always involves a conversation between a over-sized, meat-head with naturally disfigured facial features talking to a genetically, scrawny passively- listening kid. “You’ve gotta understand these bitches! Tell these hoes what they need to know, and control them bitches! You gotta let them know whose boss!” These guys destined to be great rulers of civilization someday. But you gotta figure, how many of these men actually can read, let alone write? Sorry, it’s my competitive nature towards these men. And besides what you think, this hetero male don’t spend his time checking out men, okay? Nor am I worried about being informed on “how to control them bitches”. I actually worked-out hard today to the point of nausea. Hey, SinCin and Mary, I’m training for Half-Dome! Gotta show these beeeaatches whose boss! Ha, ha!