Towards The Beginning Of Another End

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Late last night, Goorin Brothers hosted a party at the W Hotel in San Francisco. Hats! Hats! And more hats (since 1895) we were enticing the partygoers with. And, when it was my shift to work at the hat bar, I was drunk with the vodka picked up at the VIP Lounge. (Hey, I had to work, I deserve some free alcohol. When does one enjoy the opportunity to work and drink at the same time?) If you continue to be curious about Goorin Brothers hats, head to

Both Christine and Jennifer are 22 years old. And, they both love old school hip-hop. I don’t think you heard me, I said they’re 22. Hip-hop hit its entrance into the mainstream about 20 years ago. That would of made Christine and Jennifer only about 2 years old then. They constantly remind me of the music of A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and Main Source giving me the nolstalgic heebie-jeebies… but they also can’t stand that “gangsta shit” nor do they care to “krunk it up”… maybe the next generation is ressurecting hope for hip-hop? Hmmm, what other old school mp3s can they play on their phone?