Reno Trip w/ The Calonsags & Family

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Got back from a trip with BigMike & Melainie and Tess & Darnell to Reno. And I didn’t gamble a single cent! I’ve decided to quit gambling, including the poker nights with the fellas. Not that I was ever a big gambler. I’m not doing it out of moral reasons. I just find the social event simply boring. Every weekend, the fellas ask, what to do, the suggestion of poker is common. No offense guys, I’m feeling more productive reading a good book, being in the presence of a female, or writing on my online journal. Anyways, I spent most of my trip eating, sleeping, and drinking… and watching endless hours of news coverage of Katrina. Such tragedy… I hope the country recovers from this natural event. Otherwise, I had brought along a pocket blank journal with a goal to fill the entire book with writings. Within the 3 day trip, I was only successful in filling up about 30% of the 120 page journal. Believe me, that’s alot! What I will do with the writings, time will tell…

Everybody was quite camera shy