What A Small (Film) World

I will finally start pre-production on my first short film “Touch” this week. I definitely will have to change the title, as it’s been nagging me. What’s a synonym to “making contact”? I am wrapping up the last few words to my 3rd (and, no doubt, my final) draft of the screenplay today… … Continue readingWhat A Small (Film) World

Luann’s & Allen’s 2nd

Yesterday morning, I was driving down to SJ to visit Luann & Allen because, she was on maternity leave and, he had a day off. Half-way there, I get a VM from Allen: “Uh, ray… Luann’s at the hospital… and… she’s about to give birth. So, uhm… I don’t think we can meet at 10am as planned… … Continue readingLuann’s & Allen’s 2nd