My "Before I Die" List

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Some of you don’t use Facebook, but they have this cool application that allowed me to list the things I want to do “before I die…” Since some of you have told me about your dream goals (before you die), I wanted to share my list. Some of them are straight-forward, and some of them are “WTF?” But they are what I really want to accomplish. Tell me if any of this aligns with your goals, so that we can achieve them together!

ray hom's list of things he wants to do before he dies...

8 Replies to “My "Before I Die" List”

  1. I love it. Prepare to mark off at least one soon (Half Dome) and possibly another (catch a fish…as long as I don’t fuck it up again), but isn’t “Skydive with my eyes completely open” at odds with your Chinese heritage?

  2. Great list! =) Amusing as always. I think I will have to open a Facebook account, but dreading it. I realize that I could tell more peoples about Connor’s FFB by putting it up there. But dreading it cause I didn’t want to succumb to the Friendster, MySpace hoopla. Oh wells, can’t avoid it forever. There will be something after Facebook already!

  3. mine is relatively simple:

    FOUR way extravagamza between me, kobe tai, asia carrera, and mimi miyagi (in their prime, mind you, not their old selves now)

  4. Not a bad list. I’ve jumped out of a plane at 12000+ ft twice, so I’ll be game to do it again.

    Good Luck on the list!

  5. Hahaaaa… Mr. Hom … You will die before most of these tasks will be even close to completed. Your hitting 40 soon right? Not much time for you Mr. Hom. Tit toc tit toc…

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