A Night Out on 9/07/2007

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I haven’t written about my friends of recent. I’ve spent too much of my previous entries about nothing but obscure movies, b-movies movies, and more great obscure movies. Blame my access to Netflix. But, hell, with a human population of over 6 billion, one would be lucky in a world to amass a loyal group of fellow good-looking, smart humans. Without email, texting, IMing, blogging, and any other form of communication (assuming written in proper language structure), it’s hard to maintain relationships to be personal and valuable. Thank god for technology for keeping us from becoming insensitive troglodytes!

And in-tune with human progress… here’s a latest pics of some of my friends. =)


It's good to look well-fed

Last friday, I went out with the people pictured above. No special occassion, just hangin’ out.

And pictured below, at the “Would You Believe” bar on Geary, is our competition to keep ourselves from becoming drunk. The point of the game was for whomever ends up blowing the last card off the bottle has to take a shot of petrone. Out of six games, Matt lost 5, I lost one.


Blow for drinks

Thanks to Let for taking the pictures. She and her future hubie (or wifey, since he’s always the “biatch!” in all his relationships), Matt, my “bj” competitor, are getting married soon… Woo-hoo! Only 2 1/2 more months until Costa Rica.


Getting in our alcohol-ready mode

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