AdultCon 2005

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Recently, a bunch of us hormone-driven troglodyte males attended a porn convention. It’s one of those “we-gotta-do-it-before-we-die” moments, so don’t question our morality or motives please. Boys just wanna have fun! Anyways, me, Dave, Gil, and Wil (with his buddy Fred) head on down to the L.A. Convention Center to join other porno-lovers which included a guy in a wheel-chair (mouth operated), a man carrying a camera with a plastic penis attached to it, and a bug-eyed yoda-looking muddaphuggha howling at the ceiling everytime he saw a half-nekkid woman. And Gil took the following pics to prove it. Don’t we look like a bunch of dorky perverts with our pink bag of freebies? Hey, it’s called porno pride! Enjoy the pics. Sorry, only rated PG-13 flesh flashing moments…


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