…and Death

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“To live is to suffer.”
– Buddha
What follows is an excerpt from an IM chat I had with a female friend of mines who wishes to remain anonymous –

rayhom001: ‘love’ is a strong word, isn’t it?
anonymous: nope
anonymous: easy as pie
rayhom001: nope?
rayhom001: it is?
anonymous: yup
rayhom001: hmmm…. interesting
rayhom001: maybe that’s why the human species try too hard to understand it, huh?
anonymous: practice it and life is bliss
anonymous: yup

Now, this is a topic I won’t attempt to intellectualize (even though I believe there is always a nagging temptation to do so). This thing called ‘love’ causes pain and stirs anarchy among the emotions… it labotamizes the five senses and arrests the soul… and in some places it doesn’t exist (even among some married folks, which I won’t name). But, for some reason, I can’t knock the feeling that to embrace it is to achieve a sense of humanity where “life is bliss”… like there’s a poetical justice in its being. But I don’t know shit about ‘love’, therefore, I’m gonna try to avoid it now… let’s talk about something less scary…

I’ve recently (finally!) had the opportunity to watch “Ringu“, the original Japanese movie that inspired the American-remake,”The Ring“. Shot-for-shot, most of the major scenes are still the same between the two versions, despite the differences in theme and plot. Unfortunately, I saw the American-remake before the original, which made it hard for me to not compare it in that order. Therefore, I’m bias in giving credit to the remake for it’s high production value while still maintaining the creative (yet, I find illogical) plot. But, I do appreciate the original version for it being a classic in keeping the horror genre alive.

You haven’t seen the movie? I’d only recommend it on the level of where you stand in appreciating horror movies. I still recall when I had seen this movie last year in a theatre with Belle and Luann, two people with two different reactions to the movie. At a certain key horror scene, Belle screamed “Fawk!” ‘causing me to temporarily lose some of my hearing. But, by the end of the movie, Luann questioned,”Hmm… what’s so scary about this movie?” If you plan to have another reaction besides these two extremes, maybe this movie is not for you…

Once in a dark moon, I like to pop in “The Ring” DVD and play the scene where the dead girl walks out of the TV screen. I mention to people that I enjoy doing this and they think I am morbid and that I’m “weird”, like I have a sanity issue. (This is another topic I will not touch.) But, I find this no different in appreciating other cinematic moments that makes a movie a classic. I do the same for films where I enjoy Denzel Washington giving a speech, or Robert Dinero intimidating a wannabe gangster, or even when James Cameron is projecting a science fiction future. It’s all in good, creative fun of the art of film. If you don’t accept my explaination, you’re a weirdo with some sanity issues!

So, this is my thought of the day: Why do sappy movies make ‘love’ seem so easy… but maybe that’s it. Maybe it is as easy as ‘anonymous’ claims it to be. ’cause I’ve always doubted the “ignorance is bliss” concept as long as there is the higher truth of wisdom looming enternally to be attained. But, come to think about it, may be the extreme is that “love is bliss”? It seems just too far away to be attained, tho. Damn, that is scary. I don’t even want to think about it. I’m gonna go pop in “The Ring” DVD to give me some peace to this dark world we live in…


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  1. maybe love is easy. and the reason why ppl have heartache and misery is because what they are
    experiencing is not the real deal. perhaps it’s one of those things that is different for everyone
    that happens to come upon it. just a thought.

  2. i agree with tashkabob (lol) its only hard if it isnt “right” for you. everyone has that one
    person out there that “just fits”.. the trick is, not settling till you find it.

    its a long, sad, lonely journey.. *sigh* lets hope its worth it…

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