Appearance on Chinese TV News for (circa Dec. 2001)

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Back in late 2001, Jerry and I were interviewed on Chinese TV News for our representation of I’m a Cantonese speaker, so I don’t know what is being said in the (Mandarin) news report other than that it was about the emerging online shopping trend for Asian-related products. I speak English in the report, but for those that don’t understand, I’ve been Chinese subtitled. I was able to capture this from an old VHS tape that Jerry had recorded from, which explains the fuzzy appearance.

Tell me, why do I always have that dopey smile? Even when I talk?

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  1. Yo, Ray, you looked great and talked very smoothly in the interview footage there. Congratulations!

  2. What can I say?!? That was awesome! 😆
    There will be more interviews to come in the future, huh? 😉

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