AVN & CES 2014, Las Vegas (Part 2)

…continuing from my last post about CES, here what follows are the highlights from AVN on my Instagram. I do remember meeting Ava Devine with the Chens, and she was a bit grabby with Rosanna. I got to meet, with BigMike, Misty Stone. She signed a pic of her for us. I just remember her feeling hella soft… haha… And, unfortunately, I had recently misplaced a pic I took with Nina Hartley, a bit disappointed, as she was prob a classic favorite that I was happy to have had met… oh, wells, you gotta take my word for it that it happened. Again, as I said in part one, instead of retreading over what I did, and since I’m used to using Instagram, I will highlight stuff from there… I also have other related stuff on my Facebook here.

And, we now jump into AVN 2014… here’s some pr0n stuff!