Beginnings (01.01.01)

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Welcome to the latest incarnation of How do you like it? Yes, I’ve gotten rid of the Macromedia Flash look. Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to have new stuff in Flash in the coming future. It’s just that through all the trial and error of web designing, I’ve learned that I wanted a clean, simple, and easy-to-navigate image to my site. Did I accomplish this? Let me know.

Anyways, let me explain my mission for the new millennium. A lot of writing content is my goal. Writing, despite my love for it, is a discipline. A hard discipline that involves concentration in eliminating all the crap before releasing the final draft. While we’re on the subject of Writing… one of the biggest annoyance I find is when people like to tell me how they hate to write. Again, Writing is a discipline. I’m pretty sure deep down I hate writing too but I love to manifest my thoughts and ideas in words. It’s good communication. We all have thoughts and ideas. (Don’t lie to yourself.) If we all can write, than we all can have good communication. (Hey! I think I found an answer to peace on Earth.)

But for realz… That’s the purpose of this new section you’re at: journal. Here, I will share with you Netizens my thoughts and ideas that may or may not be relative to But I will do my best to be entertaining and informative… and hopefully find a nugget of wisdom here or there. Let me also warn you that (1) I find life funny and somewhat absurd at times, (2) I believe that sarcasm helps us through the harshness of the absurdness of life (so take everything with a grain of salt), and (3) I believe God (if she exist) has a wicked sense of humour. She created us, didn’t she?

What you won’t find here is much of anything about my personal life. It’s none of your business but if it was, you’d be yawning. Do you really care what happened during a day in my life? Do you really want to hear me bitch and moan about how I had a hard final in class today, or that my computer crashed so that I had an excuse to not update this site, or that so-so and so-and-so and also so-and-so broke my heart? (Yeah, you know whom all you are! Especially so-and-so-and-so!!!)

Okay… time for me to head out for the moment and continue on my Net Quest… Don’t think too hard. That really doesn’t mean anything. If you think about it. Well, as KRS-ONE said on My Philosophy — “I’ll be back but for now just sample.”

Lose sight of what you believe and call it a night.
– Xzibit, “X”