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WTF?! Bench Monkeys United?!Health is a conscious issue that plagues the human species. In fact, it’s tainted with ego and vanity. You know it, ’cause you spent a lot of money on your gym membership. You look in the mirror and wonder why you’re not perfect. You believe yourself to be in the know with the latest health diet fads like “Atkins” and organic foods, yet something is still not right about your health. So, it continues to bug ya about what you gotta do keep on living without diseases, psychological issues, or simply feeling sexy…

Sorry, but I’m definitely not qualified here to give health advice, so this entry and category doesn’t claim to be so. “Man Amongst Men” (please excuse the paternal inference. Matt – a fellow monkey – ripped that title off some other online blog of men challenging themselves ’til they cry ‘mommy’, like the beast they are) is all about chronicling the journey that me and my workout buddies (females included) have taken to stay fit ’til death do we deteriorate. Me personally, other than the occasional migraine headaches, I don’t have any serious ailments. I count my blessings, and am greatful for good genes. And I am thankful that I had a mother that raised me on fruits & veggies. But, I have ways to go in achieving what I consider to be healthy contentment.

I can’t speak for any other writers, but I am not a believer in alternative medicine or health fads. Unless there is overwhelming and converging evidence that this stuff works, I don’t want to hear it. Personal testimonials isn’t evidence to me. If you believe it has worked for you, that’s your personal journey. Otherwise, unless you can provide advice on how to hike a mountain for a day, scuba dive in the deepest oceans, or lift a couple hundred pounds on that alternative medication/therapy stuff, what does it do in prolonging your life? I will stick to proven, conventional, FDA approved methods. Thanks for your non-judgmental understanding.

Okay, now that I got my disclaimer out of the way, what is this “Bench Monkeys United” deal all about?

This will be a category that will chronicle me and my fellow “monkeys” on a challenging journey to seek outdoor activities and health practices that tests our limits and evolution as human beings. “Man vs. Wild” shit… but it won’t be a TV show. It’ll probably be some bland stories about scuba diving, hiking up high mountains, how much we can drink before we pass out, etc. With my recent trips hiking, esp. up Half Dome twice, competitive gym goals, diet changes, and my “Things To Do Before I Die” list, I and my monkeys wants to hopefully share with you here some interesting stories of what challenges we are posing to the human condition.

First up – Matt and I are challenging ourselves to a benching face-off. His goal is to bench 250 lbs. Mines is to reach 225 lbs. No time limit, just whoever reaches their goal first. I’m at 205 lbs. Don’t know where Matt is, tho.

Stay tuned for progress…

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