Boxing Helena

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Boxing HelenaIf it had not taken it’s subject so seriously (I think it was obssession with love), this 1993 movie could have gotten away as bad camp. Starring Julian Sands as a surgeon who’s obsessed with a cold hearted biaaatccch named Helena (played by Sherilyn Fenn), the dialogue seemed ripped straight out of an Episode of Star Wars (or vice versa, since the later came after the former):

Helena: “You’re pathetic! You’re a loser! You can never do anything right!”
Nick: “Please Helena. (whimper) I love you! (whimper) I’ll take care of you!”

This dialogue cycles about every 10 minutes, and about every half-an-hour, we cut to a scene with Helena missing a couple of her limbs (hence “boxing Helena”). It’s not as graphically morbid onscreen as my description (or the DVD box) implies. The lack of creativity and resourcefulness of the special effects (in addition to the bad dialogue) dept., Helena is shown in scenes propped in bed or a wheelchair wearing a dress that is strategically covering her missing limbs.

Conspicuously directed by David Lynch’s daughter, Jennifer Chambers Lynch, don’t Netflix it.