A Trip to Sundance 2013

On the early Wednesday morning of January 23, 2013, I was roaming through the northern hills towards Utah. Along with my buddies Matt, Bo!, and WoOlis, we had driven for close to 12 hours unexpecting what is to be expected at the biggest film festival event – Sundance 2013 – in the U.S.

Late Ramblings: my speak in Saigon, Vietnam, Sharyn Maceren is still Hard To Get, Donna Fujii dresses me, M.E.M update, and getting through Tough Mudder

I have become a recluse about bloggin’, or whatchamight-call all this ramblin’… In 2008, Wired Magazine said that blogging is dead. Currently, rayhom.com is coming out of a coma – still fixing a bunch of links and making this site SEO-friendly and added responsive-design, as best as I know how. Initially, way, way back, this site was all just to share pics & writings with what few friends & family I have. Then the evolution from AsianAvenue to Friendster to Xanga to Myspace, and now a longtime Facebook whore has increased my circles (in Google+ speak), and most of what I write would end up…