Wizard World Comic Con 2014

Checked out Wizard World Comic Con in Sacramento. Cool venue, and I will prob come back more often. I only have two main highlights I’ll mention here… I met former Vivid Video girl, Tera Patrick! She signed her book I read awhile ago. I knew there was a reason for me to have kept it on my shelf! And, I […]

Hell Holes on Atom Films

Updated April 21, 2020 with YouTube links. The Hell Holes film short seems like a throwback horror satire (and homage) of the Evil Dead series. The final part was released today on Atom Films. Although, I think the ending is somewhat of a let down, the overall film was pretty entertaining stuff, esp. in this age when most horror movies […]

Amityville Horror (remake)

The Amityville Horror remake totally fucken sucked! Sorry for the immature, rage-filled language, but that movie was really bad. It was a total insult to the original Amityville Horror, both the book and the 1979 movie. Besides reinventing Jodie from a demonic pig into the daughter of the Defeo family, they took out the blood painted red room, downplayed the […]