Charlie’s Angels The Movie was a Waste of Money

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If y’all haven’t seen it yet, don’t. It is the typical Hollywood take-over of the mainstream mind.

These are my thoughts after watching the film:

(1) The action scenes are all rip-offs of better “we’ve all seen it before” action flicks, especially the latest HK stuff. Nothing is new or even somewhere near originality. And, if you do watch it, you notice most of the action is edited in close-up shots, a failed technique that can bore the audience on what is actually happening. Mostly nothing. Just a bunch of bodies thrown against each other and it cuts back to a long shot of the characters standing in a kung-fu stance. I think it was to imply a cool action scene. Alternatively, they could of just cut back to a long shot of the characters nekkid in bed and that would of implied a cool sex scene. Wouldn’t of made a difference.
(2) I’ve come to notice that movies like this always have to have the characters explain everything about what happens to the audience as if we are children who would fall for their explanation. Mind you, this is a PG-13 movie. And after all the explaining, they expect us, the audience, to say “Wow! That was deep!” except we end up saying “Huh? So what? And your point is?”
(3) The bad guys seem more intelligent than the good guys. The bad guys seem to be more worldly than the good guys. The bad guys seem to always have the power the make the world a better place but they always seem to fall back on shallow desires like “revenge” and “bitterness”. The less intelligent good guys seem to be very, very lucky in beating the shallow but more intelligent bad guys. So, what is it that good guys have that make this world a better place?
(4) Tom Greene and Bill Murray can be very funny actors. This movie doesn’t even attempt to exploit their abilities.
(5) I’m assuming the movie is attempting to project an “independent woman” and pro-feminist perception but it doesn’t seem to know how to deal with this. In the hands of a good writer, this would of been the strength of the film. But the three gals in the movie literally don’t-have-a-clue, are interchangable, and despite their good looks, not uniquely appealing. They’re not given individuality as characters. (Maybe this may be an over-sensitive perception but if these girls are “independent woman”, why are they so submissive to Charlie–a Man?)
(6) This was just a 2 hour commercial for the coming video games, lunch boxes, and cartoon. And the half-hacked novels written by half-hacked writers. Open your wallets. And we complain about the government overtaxing us?
(7) Hollywood continues to spend millions on movies like this and we continue to watch ’em…

I know I sound kinda bitter. I’m not, really. I’m just airing some thoughts about a trend that won’t stop and a lot of us continue to go watch. Me included. I just feel ripped-off or conned when I come out of the theatre watching stuff like this. I feel like the movie insulted my intelligence and yelled,”Ha, ha! We took your money! Come back again!”

I admit, I really didn’t expect a great movie. It was the T & A that attracted me. But, at least, give me some wit and intelligence behind that T & A. I wanted to at least see some light entertainment that’s not insulting to my intelligence. Damn, I ain’t that shallow…