Chris Cunningham's Rubber Johnny

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Chris Cunningham creates some bizarre shit! Check out Rubber Johnny. I was watching this with a smile, a smirk, and confusion. But, I doubt I will ever experience mind-fuck like this ever again… The official site for the video is And, if you’re primative, and haven’t gotten your copy of The Work of Director Chris Cunningham (2003), grab it here!

Check out the description on this fucker called Rubber Johnny:

Rubber Johnny documents a 16-year-old, inbred mutant’s solitary existence, locked in a pitch-black basement by his ashamed parents. They are TV addict rednecks who occasionally feed Johnny and yell at him for making noise. Johnny’s only company in the basement is his little dog. His dog’s I.Q. far outstrips Johnny’s, who is a completely insane, bi-polar imbecile.

Rubber Johnny