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If moral behavior were simply following rules,
we could program a computer to be moral.

-Samuel P. Ginder, US navy captain

My niece (cousin, depending on how the Chinese genealogy interprets it) Chrissy Fong is heading off to Oxford, England to study English Literature. So, today, she had a “going-away” buffet party at the Hyatt in Millbrae. I had recently asked her why she’s studying English Lit, and this was her word-for-word answer (thank god for IM):

“I’m disheartened by the form our language has taken; I’m greatly intrigued by the manner in which cultural history shapes language and the reception of literature shaped around that cultural history.”

Chrissy is only 20 years old. Her goal is to become a professor, and eventually write a critical analysis of literature to be published. *sigh* Makes me worry about what me and the rest of humanity is doing sometimes. Good luck, Chrissy! Make language history! =)