Climbing Back Up Towards the Primordial Existence that was/is Blogging… err… Filmmaking.

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Hello All – I broke my promise way, way back that I would write more often… uhm, like once a week, or something like that, where it was quite often. How long ago was my last entry? No matters. You don’t care. But, at this rate, I’ll have about 100 more entries until death do us part (meaning me and you 3 or 4 readers), assuming if I am able to keep my health in order.

Yes, I’m an optimist.

Eh. But, I’m sure you have a long list of more informative and popular blogs that you regularly read. (Shiiieeeeeet, you probably been spending most of your time on Facebook, anyways.) Makes you wonder WhyTF are you still currently reading here, doesn’t it? I won’t apologize, ’cause, well… not enough of you care to be offended but will remain anonymous. You’re only here because you got a few seconds to kill before that porn video in your other browser is done buffering.

…suddenly, one day some little fat girl in Ohio is gonna be the new Mozart and make a beautiful film with her little father’s camcorder. and for once, the so-called professionalism about movies will be destroyed forever, you know, and it will really become an art form.
– Francis Ford Coppola, “Heart of Darkness” documentary

I think the most important thing if you’re an aspiring film-maker is to get rid of the ‘aspiring’… You shoot it, you put your name on it, you’re a film-maker. Everything after that, you’re just negotiating your budget.
– James Cameron, “The Futurist”

But, what the hell, it’s a good time for me to seize the opportunity and bust out my laptop and start to write… again. So, when I’m not web developing away at my 9-to-5, I continue to work on filmmaking projects, and currently, they are:

Mutt: an action/drama short

A few of you who follow/friend me on Facebook, know of the short action/drama film “Mutt” that I co-wrote with my bro, Stan Hom. A project that took about 37 drafts (give or take a few more) until we agreed on producing it. We spent a good portion of our time interviewing, profiling, and scrutinizing potential crew members, and weeded out the self-delusional, opportunistic, ego maniacs. And with the help from Jenn Wong as our casting director, we were able to audition and seek out the actors we wanted for the film.

We teamed up with Leo from “DoubLetter Productions” to do the cinematography. And, we shot the film on weekends and a few weeknights from about February to sometime in May. Currently, Stan, Leo, and Roddy are finishing up post-production taking care of the editing, color correction, and sound. Y’all should anticipate a premiere sometimes in Sept. ’10, followed by the film hitting the film festival circuit within the next few months.

Wade Helzer Presents… Zombie!

I have also been assistant directing for my buddy Bo! Campbell’s current zombie, comedy short with Henry Hopkins of H2 Productions as Director of Photography. You can find Henry blogging about the project at Below is a pic of Bo!, Henry, and James Williams as the Zombie! w/Melissa Krimsky doing the bloody make-up.


Introducing… Sally.

When “…Zombie!” is done, I’ll be jumping back in the director’s chair to shoot a short, short action/drama/(somewhat) horror film with intentions of having it go viral on YouTube. Sally is a character and concept ripped out of my next short film that I’ll be shooting sometimes earlier next year. “Introducing… Sally” was written by me and Bo!, and this is how I had described her:

SALLY – an abandoned cousin of Cupid, dressed in steam-punk gold metal and black leather, complete with thigh-high leather boots and a functioning half-gas mask – descends from the stairs above. Sally’s joint movements are narrated by a series of MECHANICAL WHIRLS AND CLICKS, like she’s made of metal parts. Her features include shoulder-length hair bound in pigtails, with dark and mesmerizing eyes that seem suspiciously devoid of emotion.

Got that?

And There’s The Other Projects

Back in April, Bo!, Aaron, Joe (who plays Sid in “Mutt”), and I attempted the 24 Hour Film Race in San Francisco. Attempted because we ran out of time to edit the footage. Bo! and Joe are currently finishing up the edit, and it is a comedy entitled “Fruit Cocktail”… After “Intro, Sally”, I will also be shooting a grindhouse faux paus trailer starring Jenn Wong as a Gangstress. It’s not what you think. So, you’re welcome to rip-off the idea and create an inferior concept out of it… Towards the end of the year, if time permits, Stan and I will start production on a short film that resembles an 80s werewolf flick before the CGI era…

And then there’s also this…

Artwork by Mel C. Waters Documentary


Anyways. I’ll be posting again within a week. No promises, tho.

Oh… and, FYI, I have since closed and shut down my accounts on MySpace, Evite, Friendster, Xanga, LiveJournal, 43 Things, Good Reads, and a whole shit load of other social networking sites. I’m strictly Twitter and Facebook for now. (I’m prob on some other obscure sites too, but they’re places you don’t want to find me on. But per chance you do find me on’ em, I’m asking what the hell are you doing there?!) This resulted from my adaptation to the growing trend of “social media”, the ease to integrate through Facebook and Twitter‘s API, and my minimalist attitude towards removing clutter and bulk. Most of you communicate with me through FB anyways… and the rest of you visit me (on rare ocassions, but I know you don’t want to admit it) here on

See ya!

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