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The world is a skirt I want to lift up.
– Hanif Kureishi, author (1954- )

Last night, I had this weird ass dream where I was in a preview movie trailer. You know, the kind that starts out with a green screen and white text that says “Approved for All General Audiences”. And in it, I am running through a field of wheat(?), presumably somewhere near a farm. The sun is beaming on me as I am crying as I run faster… Then you here that man’s booming voice that you normally hear in these trailers narrating (while the grand thematic song is playing in the background) – “This is the story… of a man… who has achieved… all that he ever wanted.” Apparently, my tears were tears of joy. Then suddenly, I stop running and I overcome with a sudden sense of fear that I will have to leave my friends and family for these unknown achievements. It ended there with me waking up.

I think this was only a teaser trailer.

Was this a sequel to Field of Dreams? =P

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