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Monday, July 5, 1999


Love & War Merged
On March 21, 1999 A.D.!!!

Congratulations Ming and May!

L to R: Lily Yeung (bridesmaid), May Chia (the unlucky gal), Ming Hang (the lucky guy), Bieu Bihn Do (the best man)


...Mortal Godz and Goddesses, to all 360 Degrees of my Circumference. It has been a long time coming. I value your patience... as well as your tolerance.

For Mature Audiences

KNOWLEDGE THIS: I sometimes may speak in tongues of a "mature" nature but I will NEVER abuse the Art Of Cussing for shock value or to boast a fake ego. It will only be spoken if necessary for the clarifying communication of my intended audience or for the simple flow of speaking the language.

If you are Ignorant, Illiterate, and lack self-responsibility, you are better off frolicking in the: ABYSSMAL VOID.

CREATION -- Requires A Plan!!!

The purpose of this Website is to take advantage of a form of communication to the masses to corrupt their mind with my ideas and opinions through the power of the Word, be critical about the Asian/American Media image, accept productive criticism to make me a stronger person, and to establish an internet-based outpost about my work and interests in Writing of various mediums.

Only a few will understand and appreciate what is about to happen..

Whatever happened to Sung Hi Lee?

Ever since the release of Ray Hom's pic of himself smiling with Asia - America's most popular female model, Sung Hi Lee (which was taken at Abzolut's 5th Anniversary party), he was bashed left and right by ALL of his female friends with everything from "She ain't all that!" to threats of castration. Fearing the superiority of the opposite sex, he was forced to remove the picture.

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