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I'm Sensitive Around My Boys
I’m Sensitive Around My Boys


Woo-hoo, Matt & Lett are finally married! Well, actually, they have been married for about two months now. But, woo-hoo, I’ve finally got around to uploading my pics from Costa Rica Awwwww... they're married (Let & Matt) and drunkfrom my trip there. Although, some of you may have already seen the few pics I did take. But, to make it official to the world, I posted them up on my site. (I’ve also included links to more professional pics below.) I know, you will ask,”Whuddaphuck ray? Is that all the pictures you took?” Yep. There were just too many cameras going off in all directions during the moment. (Go watch “Cloverfield” for a fictional narrative example of this current human phenomena.) And, I went to Costa Rica to get away, not to be the paparazzi. It may be harder to find me in the pics, tho; I was moreso a camera man, as well as a loner during the trip. (Re-read two sentences before this one, to understand why.) Yep, if you count them, there are probably more pics of monkeys than of myself. That begets the question, who is gonna triumph during this evolutionary process? Anyways, you can find the pics by clicking here.

Didja know that Matt is a smart asshole of a bastard? Mensa test passing moodapooka? I was able to dig out an old entry, and you can read my thoughts (and Matt’s) on that here. I’m consider myself of mediocre intelligence in Matt’s presence most of the time… although I may show some degree of high intelligence during moments when I’m telling one of my “dick” jokes.

Pilipino Gangsters In Costa RicaJim overlooking Costa Rica as the sun setsRandiBoy, me, and BigMike relaxing at the local beachLizards are locals tooPilipino Gangstresses In Costa Rica

Matt’s Costa Rica pics on
LetLove’s (and other’s) Costa Rica gallery pics: | Set I | Set II |

Understandably, for copyright reasons, I can’t post the professional pics by the photographer online here. And the irony is that my dumbass didn’t even take a single pic of Matt & LetLove in their wedding outfits. (They’re not my size.) But, yeah, you can go below and check ’em out. It’s also linked on my Costa Rica pics page.

Steve Maller Professional Photography:
blog of Matt & Let’s Wedding
professional pics of Matt & Let’s Wedding
A couple of my favorites: A Bunch Of Us and The Wedding Couple

Jim loves nekkidityI still need to upload the video clips I took on the trip. There is the rumour that there is footage of BigMike and Jim literally “bottomless” attempting to pose with passed out RandiBoy. Yes, the rumours are true, I have it. And, no, I will not upload it. I would have to ask Mike and Jim if they give me permission to put them up nekkid on the site. I actually don’t see the point in asking Jim for his permission, since he tends to brag about how he always “goes nekkid in front of people” anyways. I will talk about that in a future post, with or without his permission. 😈

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