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A little over a week ago, I was able to to catch a private screening of Jino Kang’s “Hand To Hand“, which I had the pleasure to have worked on set as a script supervisor (which most of you are probably sick of hearing me talk about for the past year-and-a-half). Although I am not an actor, I had a tiny bit role as an extra in the film. When you get a chance to see the flick, in a scene where bouncer George (played by my good buddy Danton Mew) leads the hero, Ken (played by Jino), into an underground fight club – for a brief moment – you can catch a glimpse of me being hard perpetratin’ on a cell phone. It’s a shot of my back sporting a blue monotone shirt. A scene of my face is cut out because full-frontal is not my style. Told you I can’t act.

Unfortunately, the film is still currently not available to the public. As I understand it, it’s going through a phase of festivals and will find a distributor, and then released out to a theater near you. Hold ya horses! But, thanks to Robert Parham, who was also in the film, found a bunch of clips online from the film. ( click here to see ’em ) I will update its full release soon!

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to help one of my best buddy with his bachelor party. I’ve known Jimmy Ko for about almost 15 years now when we first started out as co-workers at BofA #295. There are many times when I wished I could of strangled him, but, he wouldn’t be getting married to a woman who can tolerate his inadequacies if I had. =P Don’t you love blogs? You can say so much crap about your friends. Anyways, I am one of Jimmy’s Best Men. “What?” You may ask,”Can there be more than one best man?” This will be the 4th time I am a best man. (Or should I say 3 1/2 times.) The other best man that Jimmy choose is coincidentally named Ray, also.

This is non-traditional, so Jimmy & Cindy can dictate as they wish. The bachelor party didn’t even have strippers. It’s what Jimmy adamantly requested, and he is also a non-drinker. We simply ate at a Shanghai Dumpling House on Balboa, one of his favorite spots to chow down. Imagine 20 guys stuffed into a small Chinese restaurant. The look on the waitress’s face was priceless when we ordered 100 dumplings, and about 4 dishes of about 7 entrees each.

Afterwards, we headed on over to lounge/bar “XYZ” at the W in downtown San Francisco ’cause Jimmy promised that he would take one shot for all of us. History was made when he downed a shot of grey goose mixed with something else (I forgets). Then we all headed back to his place to relax and chit-chat. Jimmy threw up, and passed out for the rest of the night. Yup, he’s ready to get married.

In more buddy news… Allen Chen, my good friend, husband of my GodSis Luann, and Executive Chef of 5A5 Steak House in San Francisco was interviewed on KTVU by Malou Nubla about the restaurant, and the many dishes it serves. Embarassingly, I haven’t eaten there yet, as everytime I tell Allen that “I’m gonna eat there soon.” He retorts,”You keep saying that.” Excuses and procrastination isn’t good. 5A5 is the San Francisco cousin to Alexander’s Steak House in Cupertino, which I have tried many times. Check either of them. I guarantee you will burp well. You can find the Malou interview with Allen online @

And last bit of news for the week, I wrote up an article about the Ghoul Girls for Last Doorway Productions, which you can read online (and see grisley girly pics) by clickin’ here

BRB in about a week, after Jimmy Ko marries Cindy Wong…

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  1. Hey, I just read your point of view about HBO Oz in another post.
    I’d justa want to say that I am addict to that show. I can’t stop watch it. There’s nothing better than Oz in this life!!!

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