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HollywoodHello All. It’s down to the stretch of a couple of days before the beginning of the new year. I’ll be headin’ down to Hollywood, Los Angeles with my buddy Bo (and possibly others) to check out Tinseltown with its glitz and glamor of movie making. I personally have never been to Hollywood, believe it or not. So, I will be poppin’ my cherry checking out Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Sunset Boulevard, and, hopefully, bump into a few movie stars. Or, at least, that’s how they portray Hollywood in the movies. If it’s not what I imagine it to be, than my dreams will be shattered. And, I will come back to reality enlightened somewhat, and watchin’ my favorite films in tears, quietly screaming “It’s all fiction… damnit, it’s all make-believe”. *shrug*

Besides the tourism, eating, debauchery we hope to get into, and possibly meeting up with some friends from L.A., we have a goal to each have a finished screenplay treatment for future full-feature films by the 1st of January 2011. Bo and I are writers, and we collaborate on a few projects. He’s the perfect buddy to bounce ideas off, as we can brainstorm for hours about the most unusual plots, characters, and dialogues that we think would make great stories. “And the ‘Best Screenplay’ award goes to…”

There may be confusion with some of you who heard me rambling last week that I was heading to Seattle by train. That has been canceled because of the rise in cost of the train ride itself during this holiday season, and the crazy weather that’s going on up North. I’ll postpone the trip until Spring/Summer next year. And, some of you have been showing interests to join. I’ll update that when it happens.

I will be tweeting anything I find interesting and worth your time reading about from 12.30.10 to 01.01.11. I will not be boring you by tagging where I am, I promise. I’ll attempt my usual insightful, witty banter. If I fail doing so, you’re welcome to ‘unfriend’ me, and/or stop reading my nonsense ramblings, and pick up a book and read something that would help you fight the illiteracy you gained from reading my nonsense in the first place. It will make me happy.

Hope y’all have a Happy, Memorable, and Great 2011!

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  1. Have an awesome time!!
    I’ll try to read your blog later today.

    We definitely need to catch up when you’re back in town kay? Happy New Year!!

    =) kiko

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