Film Exercise: "Meal Of The Night"

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What you will see below is a short, short flick exercise that my bro Stan came up with as a quick (comedic?) dream sequence entitled “Meal of the Night”. We shot it in 3 hours, and he edited it. I’m just a stand-in actor. But, no, I am not pursuing a career as a thespian. It’s only about a minute and 15 seconds long, and I have 1 line of dialogue (repeated 3 times). =) Enjoy!


This is part of a series of film exercises that my brother, Stan, and I am doing by shooting and editing stuff with my cheap mini DV camera. This is so that we can perfect our techniques in order for us to be ready and prepared to shoot my 2nd film later this year.

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13 Replies to “Film Exercise: "Meal Of The Night"”

  1. That was funny!!! Things I like the most:

    1. Stan’s dog’s cameo
    2. Your victorious scream after finishing dinner (is that a habit? I have never seen you doing that but you might wanna think about adopting it after every meal as a courtesy to the cook:)))

    Overall, well definitely have a career in acting;)

  2. I love this one, I just love it, you did it in this one, I didn’t watch it as you were the Ray I know in it but a ACTOR. Love the part when you “WOH” 3 times and slammed the fork. I cracked up so bad I choked with my own saliva. Why did you have the stuff animal on your crotch when you were dosing off?

  3. WTF!!!!!????…….”Woo..Woo..Woo”???????????…….Not sure who to give the Best Actor Award to….you or the dog.

    ok, whatever that was about waaaas pretty creepy, but cool….
    now, I did like the quick image of whatever that was (Stan, I’m assuming) when you were laying there….it reminded me of the beginning in Fight Club when Brad Pitt kept popin’ up in the airport.

    …….was that beef chow fun?…it looked pretty good….makes you wanna say, “Woo!!!!” three times.

    Oh, and, by the way, in that first film, is that how you always leave your house everyday??

  4. i love it!! i watched it the other day at work but the work computer has no sound. i love the way it was shot and the creapy little head flashed by urs when you woke up!!!

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