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I’ve recently dug out some old disposable cameras and an undeveloped roll of film. I took ’em down to the local Target and these are the pics I found. I have no clue the dates and events of these pics, but gauging that a lot of the pictures involved Belle being pregnant with Ethan, I’d say almost half-a-decade ago… geez, what happened to all the time?

Let me tell you about the following sexxxy pictures...
Let me tell you about the following sexxxy pictures…

Yes, That's the Kama Sutra next to the Koran and the Bible When I Met Sharyn Maceren a.k.a. S-Factor at Stonestown Tower Records Rare CDs Makin' a pact to get drunk - at Mel's, Jim's, and Leslie's old place in Pacifica
Dave waiting for a girl to pick-up on him Mel askin' Matt - Why you drink all the alcohol? Damnit, Matt drank all the alcohol, what we gonna do now? Baby Angelina thinkin' about boys
Ico waiting for food Ico resting, digesting his food Back in the Days Is everyone happy with their presents?
Hahn got money Hahn's still happy about the money Lyman's Life is about to change Lyman's happy about the latest headlines
Lyman normally prefers Nordstroms, but oh wells. Normally my balls do go this high. No one is touching my gift! I got sex toys again...
Dave is about to wipe his ass, while everyone looking away at Lyman's cookies Now I got the cooking tools, Gio will have to eat his cookie without 'em. Hey, Santa fulfilled my wish! And it fits so well...
I wanted the thong! Someone lied to her about the gift she was gonna get. No, I wanted the thong! Don't know what to write for this one.
Belle is so excited about what she got And all she got was a roll of wrapping paper How did I end up with the cooking tools? With these big tools, I can cook something with this little cookie.
Happy People I can feel it kickin' Belle's goin' to have a baby! 
Belle gives birth to Ethan Mike is such a sensitive guy Gimme, we can share! Ethan, you're gonna be president someday. RandiBoy wants to dedicate this song to you! And only you! Randi's voice is melody to my ears. How come you don't find my jokes funny, Jojo?
When Joline graduated. Leslie with Joline Felix with Joline Leslie, Joline, and her mommy, Tesha
Elissa & Melainie Elissa & Melainie, again. Ray, I think you're taking too many pictures. Okay, one more picture, and that' it! Leave us alone!
Dave with Jenn Qian with Dave and Jenn Qian again, with Dave and Jenn Qian, before hittin' a club Do I seem obsessed about some things?

I'm Sign Language
I’m signing out now…

4 Replies to “Found Some Old Pics”

  1. When Ethan was still in the tummy! Wow, soooo old! ray ray, what else you have hiding in the crevices of your in-law?!!

  2. Damn Ray!

    That was like so long ago. Ethan is almost 5 now. So how old does that make you?

    OK…love u…bye…bye!!!

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