Growing Up

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Joline happily married to Nathan
Thanks to Josefina for taking this pic

Joline is married to Nathan (whom is a descendant of Nathaniel Hawthorne, hence the name). Wow, how the years have passed… I’ve watched Joline grow up since she was 14-years-old. I still see her as 14-years-old. (She hates it when I say that; I refuse to allow her to grow up.) Obsessive study bug, she is on her way to becoming a surgeon specializing in… well… female anatomy. And now she is married to a man who will be specializing fixing the human heart… combined, these two will have you reconstructed in to falling in love with feminine body parts in no time. WTF?

Alyssa ChenSpeaking of growing up, here’s the latest (blurry) pic I have of baby Alyssa (Luann’s daughter) from my Blackberry. There are cuter pics of Alyssa from Luann’s camera, but she has been lazy (Luann, not Alyssa) in getting them to me. Alyssa is a little over 2-years-old now, and has quite become the assertive baby: climbing, speaking, demanding, outspoken, singing, dancing… I did say demanding, right? I’m just kidding… she’s growing up, and she likes giving lots of hugs and kisses, too. And she demands them… Children are growing up fast nowadays. Luann & Allen provides Alyssa with a lot of nice clothes and educational toys that I never grew up with. =( This is not a complaint. Believe me, when I have kids, I’ll make sure they will live comfortably, without having to struggle to have a quality awareness of the world they live in. I know a lot of youngins who are barely 10 years old and fully versed in the usage of the Internet (while a lot of grown-ups these day can’t even compose an essay, or have the motivation to crack open a book). Are adults gettin’ dumber, as the youth continues their wicked plan to take over the world? Did I tell you Alyssa is demanding?

“Hmmm… I’m seeing a trend… didn’t they finish Half Dome before you too?
Looks like the girls are kicking your ass Ray.”

– Melainie

This is a semi-Half Dome 2008 training report. SinCin had gotten a bunch of us to run Bay To Breakers. This was my first outing for this annual event, and I went as an unregistered runner. Although it was kinda cool seeing all these weird people in weird outfits (and a few religious crackpots who hold signs claiming how fornication is an abomination. Do these people really believe they are representatives of what a good person is?), I saw too many people who were nekkid who shouldn’t be nekkid (Do these people really believe they are representatives of what a good body is?). I lagged behind with MaryMare and Brian because we were drinking… as SinCin and Emily finished the race over an hour ahead of us. (Yep, I’m ready for Half Dome). Unfortunately, except for a few blurry Blackberry pics, I don’t have any good pics to post. Although, you can check out some official pics by clicking here Enter Cindy’s bib number: 21899 Those are pics of SinCin, Emily, and Anna doing the finishing line. And there’s a couple of nice group pic shots there too.

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