Gyro’s House of Fear & The Number 35

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At the Gyro's 3D Fear Factory

After all these years, I finally got to attend Gyro’s 3D Fear Factory in San Jose last night. Micky, Wil, Terrell, Frank, Lily, and I entered this yearly scarefest. I’d admit, there were moments where I screamed and whimpered like a frail little child. But Micky and I discussed, tho, the attractions were a little disappointing that I hadn’t witnessed enough gore – like blood splatter dripping off the walls… but, it still was actually fun for me in a childish kind of way.

By the end of our visit, Terrell took a group pic of us in front of Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Playground attraction. Afterwards, a big, manly-looking-beast of a woman cop dressed up in full-police regalia confronted Terrell and sternly request her to delete the pics taken. She/It explained that pics are not allowed to be taken because everything is copyrighted here; and she tells us we were warned about this at the entrance. We don’t recall having been told, unless maybe we misunderstood because she/it was speaking in Wookie lingo. Anyways, after Terrell removed the pics from the camera in front of the beast-cop, she/it threatened that either the camera be handed over or she/it will escort us off the premises. What did she/it think we were gonna do? Map out the entire 3D Fear Factory with the (copyrighted) pics and build our own attractions? Gee… well, the pic above was taking outside of the attraction (after being escorted off the high-security area). Not sure if that’s copyrighted too.

We headed over to the local Denny’s for a late grub. And, after it struck midnight (12:07am, to be exact), I was treated to chocolate cake with the girls spelling out “35” with whip cream. Yes, I have reached that age. Honestly, it looked too nasty to eat, but I had grubbed it out of appreciation and respect. And thanks to Terrell for taking the pics that you see here. I hope you didn’t get the idea that I put all the girlie decorations around them, didja?

At Denny's Past Midnight

With the Mind Erase Media party, Matt & LetLove preparing to get married, Gyro beating the scare out of me, and finally reaching the big 3-5, I collapsed from exhaustion as Wil drove us back to the bay area…

Next week begins my gig on “Hand To Hand“…

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