Halloween 2008 Party Invite – Oct 24th

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Mind Erase Media’s 2008
Halloween Party
Hosted by:
ray hom, Jessica “Betti” Cueva, & Mike Calonsag
Verdi Club, 2424 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
Friday, October 24, 9:00PM – Saturday, October 25, 2:00AM

It’s that time of year again, where everyone dresses up weird to scare (or attract) your fellow human members! In promotion of ray hom’s forthcoming first short film “Hubris” starring Zachary Rich, Leon Lai, Jennifer Wong, and Edna Barron. Joy Lam as Director of Photography. Edited by Juan Alcazar. Photo still image by R Jeremiah Maller. And in time for the scariest holiday of the year, Mind Erase Media is throwing another Halloween party. This time will be at the Verdi Club. There is plenty of street parking, and also, as an option, the Muni Potrero station is a block away.

Happy HalloweenEntrance fee is only $10/person. Admission will be paid at the door. Please 21 and Over only, as this will be an alcoholic environment full of drunkards. Thanks!

Come dressed in your favorite costume get-up! If you come in your own clothes, dressed as yourself, you will experience the wrath of 10 demons sodomizing you with pitchforks made of human limbs. I know it’s sick, but, hey, it’s Halloween and all you have to do is wear a costume! (Just like you were in elementary school, when you bought those plastic care bears/star wars ones at Walgreens!) But, if you absolutely insist that you’re ugly enough to NOT WEAR A COSTUME… well, it would be embarrassing if you won best costume.

Tha Backhand

At about midnight there will be live performances by Jessica “Betti” Cueva, Mary Jane, featuring Tha’ Backhand. Followed by a best costume contest (which our secret judges will randomly pick contestants from the crowd). Then for the remaining of the night, y’all can get fucked up drunk all the way up ’til 2am in the morning! Deal? DJ Atehcna of Mars Bars Entertainment will spin music to invoke your alcohol-induced bodily movements.


You can find pics of last year’s party by clicking here
More info about the film on MySpace Film


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  1. Any booze made from evil pumpkins?? Can the the featured alcohol drink of the nite be a “Bloody Mova” MUWAHAHAHAHA!

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