Hiphop vs. Rap & God vs. Civilization

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Sorry folks, but this will be a long one… and that’s not a sexual reference. So, keep your pants on.

First off, I’d like to apologize for being away from the Internet existence longer than projected, it was just another part of the WWW evolutinary process for me to be MIA for the moment. I’ve just had to gather all my content and compact them all neatly and orderly into this website known to you folks simply as

I hope you’ve all been spending your times productively while I was gone. That should make up the unproductive time that you will spend here. (Humble sarcasm can be a rock and a hard place sometimes because one can get the perception that you are intentionally kissing everyone’s ass without admitting that you are. Smack! Smack! Smack!) But non-seriously, this is what’s goin’ here at today and for eternity of existence (Don’t worry I don’t believe that God, aliens, or your local extremist groups — or whatever you believe rules this Glorious Universe of ours — will leave you if you stick with us here. If they do, that would be immoral. That’s just a moral observation.):

A lot of writing content… lots and lots of it. If you are the type that just looks at a bunch of words and screams “You mean I have to read all this?”, than I consider you a lazy, illiterate, whining bitch. Well, yeah, you’re going to actually have to take your time and experience content.

Just in time for Hiphop appreciation week (every 3rd week of May)…

“Rap is rebellious music, therefore only the rebel should use it,”
KRS-One, Boogie Down Productions,
How Not To Get Jerked

I grew up during the apocalyptik rise of the Hiphop/rap culture into mainstream acceptance (or home invasion) during the late 1980s. In my teens, I devoured everything from the gangsta rants of N.W.A, Ice-T, Ghetto Boys to the over-glorified sexual adventures of Too Short, 2 Live Crew to the Pro-Black, Afrocentrism of Public Enemy, Paris, X-Clan and the 5% wizdom of Brand Nubian and Poor Righteous Teachers. Because the allure for mainstream stars like M.C. Hammer or Young M.C. had no intellectual hold on me, I was impressed and mesmerized by voices other than what mainstream America had to offer. I had front stage witness of the urban Armageddon within the black youth culture delivered privately through the radio speakers — deep audio thoughts filled with vocal rage such as wordz of wizdom like “Fuck the Police”, “Jesus was an African”, and the constant rant of “Knowledge of Self, Go for Self, Do for Self.” This is the importance of what Hiphop culture does. There is a quiet revolution going on and not enough wannabe critics are qualified to know.

To knowledge more of the Hiphop culture, go to…

The Magazine Of Hiphop Music, Culture, & Politics

“Step into a world,
where there’s no one left…
But the very best…
No MC can test…
Step into a world,
where Hiphop is real…
Where MCs and DJs…
build up their skills as they play every day…
For the Rapture.”

– from KRS-ONE’s
Step Into A World (Rapture’s Delight)

I hear that gangsta shit
but let some concious brothers in.

– Wise Intelligent,
New World Order

You can front with the biggest chain.
But it doesn’t write albums…
I believe it is the brain.

– KRS-One, Edutainment

“So, you’re a philosopher?”
“Yes, I think very deeply…”

Out of the quiet revolution that Hiphop culture has successfully bombarded onto American society, gave rise to one of the legendary leaders of the revolution — the self-proclaimed God of Hiphop — KRS-One (Knowledge Reigns Supremely Over Nearly Everyone) from the Almighty Boogie Down Productions.

Teacher, Philosopher, Hiphopper — KRS-One was born Lawrence Kris Parker in 1965 in Brooklyn, N.Y. In 1986, Boogie Down Productions (named for the place of birth of Hiphop, the Boogie Down Bronx) released its first album, the now classic, Criminal Minded.

Having a reputation of never failing to “rock the crowd” at a live tour performance around the globe from New York to London to Japan, KRS-One (as well as BDP) has garnered an impressive resume of projects and appearances to edutain the masses with his philosophies, as well as considered the greatest MC ever by THE SOURCE magazine and MTV. He has lectured at Universities like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia just to name a few. Back when Hiphop was making late night television appearances, he had appeared on the Arsenio Hall show an uncountable number of times (more than M.C. Hammer). He has even written a comic book for Marvel Comics entitled: Break The Chains.

And the following two projects are two notable (as well as noble) movements that will create historical memories.

Before you are a Race, an Occupation, or a Religion,
you are a Human Being.
Act accordingly!

– H.E.A.L. Movement

The Human Education Against Lies Movement is an organization that was created in 1991 by KRS-One. His mission was to foster the 2nd coming of a positive, organized movement of Hiphop artists to continue raising the consciousness of the youth (as well as the rest of the masses) that was started by the unprecedented success of the Stop The Violence Movement (which was also organized by KRS-One in 1989). The intent of H.E.A.L. was an ambitious project of releasing an all-star album entitled CIVILIZATION VS. TECHNOLOGY.

Which than was followed by…

The Temple of Hip Hop — “The first metaphysical, psychological, sociological cultural center designed for the advancement of Hiphop and inner-city youth world wide,” according to KRS-One, is his latest project on erecting and establishing a movement that educates the world about, preserves the culture, and decriminalizes the ignorant, bias perception against Hiphop music, politics, and culture.

Now comes the latest release…

Return of the Boom Bap, KRS-One of the Almighty, mighty, mighty Boogie Down Productions is back. Knowledge (still!) Reigns Supremely Over Nearly Everyone. He’s released a new LP entitled SNEAK ATTACK for 2001. And he’s Still Number One! It is a refreshing pleasure for the ear (and mind, of course) as opposed to what passes for Hiphop these days that ride the air waves. If y’all get the chance to pick this one up, check out Hip Hop Knowledge. It is a reminder to what true success in Hiphop (as well as anything else in life) is by stating that knowing where you came from, what the state of current trends are, and knowing how to be at both states at the same time without compromising your “soul”.

Well, to end this dedication of the journal, let us remind ourselves of the biggest lesson that KRS-One has proclaimed — “…we’re not just doing Hiphop, we are Hiphop!!!” To learn more about this Teacher, Philosopher, and Hiphop God, Click Here

God Vs. Civilization

With its hard stance on religion and cultural ritual,
PREACHER propels the reader into a new realm of thought.

Preacher’s Divinity

The final volume (#9) of Vertigo Comic’s THE PREACHER (written by Garth Ennis; art by Steve Dillon; cover by Glenn Fabry) has been finally released. The story of Jesse Custer’s (the Preacher) search for God to answer for his Sin placed on humanity, this series ended with a satisfying and mind-blowing closure. I will surely miss this series and its insightful characters but as they say, all good things must come to an end.

What I got out of this series besides the pleasure of experiencing great writing with artistic integrity and a mature approach to the ideologies of the perception of theology, was that comics (next to Hiphop music!) are the only rebellious tool for entertaining thought that a lot of mainstream society is fearfully ignorant to accept as literature. Yet, we see nonsense like Daniel Steele and James Van Praagh to be considered popular reading.

Relative change of topic: Is it me or are there a rise in people’s ability to be naive? Why are people acting like they are edu-ma-kated because they read something through an email? Yes, you know who you are! All the friendship chains, make money through FWDing the messages, and all the “this is you” based on your animal sign, tree you look like, or year you were born seems to be a front for intelligence these days. God! Yes, you God! Look what you have done to allow humanity to create the Super Information Highway! Oh, Father forgive them for they not know what they read and send. Hopefully, being ignorant as an acceptable form of cool these days is only a trend…

Well, this has concluded my “State of the Union” speech of this day. Sorry if I hadn’t used enough goddamn, motherfucken cuss words because I try to keep my usage of language intelligible and receptive to the people who are pure at heart. But I believe that a pure heart can lead to vulnerability, naiveness, and a suppressed hunger for intellectual intercourse…