How Finite Is Your Evolution?

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Finally, as you folks can see, I have created a Flash-enhanced site – its how I have envisioned to be for a long time now. It is far from perfect, it is missing sound, and I’ve been going crazy trying to integrate an MP3 player, which will eventually exist when I get it right. And, I’m sure you folks will notice, my picture gallery is incomplete, and missing captions/descriptions. So, for the time being, y’all will have to figure out who is in the pics, and what they are doing with their limbs in them.

As of this entry date, there are no new short stories, or any new published writings. But… since this site is pretty much up and running again, and only a few tweaks and tinkering left to do with it, I can finally focus on those unfinished writings (screenplays, novels, rambling blog entries, etc.) that I’ve been harking about for a long time.

I have gone through many evolutionary changes – through this site, and my sanity as a human being. Now, I have arrived at a brain-dead state. =p

I hope you folks like it here.

Stay tuned.

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