Insomnia In Moderation

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“Education doesn’t make you smart;
it only makes you educated.”
James Randi
I was planning to head out to Club 1015 to meet up with some friends last evening. But, no more than 6 hours of sleep per day for the last couple weeks caused me to feel fatigued. I know some of you workaholics would like to brag about your long work hours and less sleep periods but I do spend my non-working, waking hours busy — yet, I can’t recall what makes my day go by so fast sometimes. Scary, being that I’m at an age where I tend to reflect everyday on what I did to make myself productive. Maybe that’s where all my time is wasted, reflecting too much… okay, I gotta shaddup about that. It gets annoying and empty when one starts talking about what one should do with his Life… especially when one does this to fill in an air of boredom. Anyways, oops, got side-tracked. I decided to just sleep early at 10PM and be fully recuperated by morning. Instead, I woke up two hours later, staring at the ceiling — restless reflecting on Life (like I said, a waste of time), no desire to read (despite what you heard, I’m not that obssessed with books), and wondering why there’s no female next to me (I’m not gonna whine about this one).

So, what was the natural thing for me to do? I hop over to my computer and see whom was on the WWW. I don’t expect much on an early Saturday morning as there would hardly be any reason for anyone to be online to chat with. Everyone is either out partying or asleep by this time. Therefore, I spend some time cleaning out my “INBOX” deleting ads for weight loss and viagara. Irony, being that I find myself rather thin and my equipment working find. (At least from my POV, I believe so.) So, I decided to spend some time on Xanga and see what thoughts I could bleed from my brain. Unfortunately, none at the moment.

Sorry I made y’all read this. This was a dead entry. I’m awake and I need to do something to keep me busy. Imma go now… there’s a long holiday weekend to attend to.