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It is after 1AM now, and I can not sleep. To some, this is still early in the day; to others, they are snoring at high decibels because their boogers are blocking nasal passages. And a few minority, like me, are awake. I am tired, but awake. I’m not fully awake, because my mind is rambling. There is no one particular thought I am holding at this moment – my thought process is functioning like an experimental MTV video directed by Chris Cunningham. I can be thinking of nothingness in the form of a sea of mouths floating across skyscrapers; a lazy sloth with nothing but a trunk seeing with one eye as he is enlightened by reality TV; an orgy with five women who simply do not include me in the activity; a humanoid snake that slithers among the ruins of Egypt in the year 2013; while I stuff a 250 lb. meathead hitman in a mailbox. These ideas are meant to be stolen. I will not press charges.

Okay, this blog posts is pointless. Why am I even blogging? I hate that word “blog”. I think of an animal… he does not bite, unless you deviate from the pack. You’re not an Alpha. Follow, don’t lag behind…


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