Invisible Martyrs

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“…readers were born free
and ought to remain free.”
– Vladimir Nabokov, writer

For all those who hardly read… If you could read at least one book, I’d recommend… wait a minute… hold up, hold up. Let me rephrase that. For all those who hardly read at all, you’re a fucken ignorant, illiterate dumbfuck piece of shit. But… a strong “but”… but if you can get off your unarticulate, lazy ass, I’d recommend a book that’s a great example of how precious reading can be. Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books by Azar Nafisi is an autobiographical story of a woman in Iran who gathered seven other women for an underground bookclub reading and discussing forbidden works of Western literature, in defiance of the Islamic Republic. “[The women] were shy and uncomfortable at first, unaccustomed to being asked to speak their minds, but soon they began to open up and to speak more freely, not only about the novels they were reading but also about themselves, their dreams and disappointments.” There’s a certain admiration of courage that I find in this story that I don’t find, unfortunately, in some others…

You know, I thought about it… it’s not whether people have a sense of “meaning” or a sense of “purpose”. I believe it’s more whether one has a sense of “cause”. As the process of evolution continues its course, humans will be consumed by time to be replaced by new humans. And what will these humans carry on from the humans before them? And to what effect or affect? And to what ends?

I bring this up because there were people in my personal life that I had use to admire for their discipline to finish school, get a good job, and buy a bunch of good stuff… to secure themselves to a financial future, which is admirable. But… I had lost that sense of admiration…

A lot of these same people have too much of a “leave-me-alone” attitude as they gotten older while hypocritically showing up only when they got a new job or a car to brag about. You ask them about friends, they don’t say much. You ask them about their social lives, they say they work. You ask them about books they’ve read, they tell you their favorite TV shows. You hint them for advice about success in love, and they say what’s that? Wow, what a sexy, attractive group of people to belong to, huh?


Chances are,
these same people I’m speaking of
are not even reading this.
So my words probably will have no


“If 50 million people believe a foolish thing,
it is still a foolish thing.”
– Anatole Frances, writer

Okay, folks… once in a while, I find these interesting articles of interests that I would like to share with you peoples who care. Especially, you illiterate motherfuckers who passively watch the news and think you know enough about the world by doing so. Let us, folks, pick on Sylvia Browne today. This self-proclaimed so-called psychic has appeared on Larry King and Montel Williams peddling her ability to sell herself to the naive and gullible as someone who claims she can diagnose people’s ailments and problems with “mental abilities”. Yet, most of us, I hope, knows this is bullshit. (I’ve ranted before about the existence of psychics here. Check my entry dated May 13, 2003 entitled “The Meaning Of It All…”)

Sometimes I question why the masses allow certain types of people to become leaders of their destiny. We are so critical of our politicians and media leaders, yet the need to “believe” in pyschics seems to imply a lot of humans seek “instant answers” to assuage their emotional insecurities. But, I believe the antidote is to strengthen your intellectual capacity of the Self.

The following are three good articles about Sylvia Browne that I’d recommend on understanding why humans fall prey to a mythological symbol such as her.

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  1. you kno who else i think are crocks with ears full of dung? the first is the self help jigga with the big teeth, and the second is the fat self help jigga that was on oprah and now has his own show. i realli don’t understand, man. please..give me a clue.

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