Quick Movie Review – Sukiyaki Django Western

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Finally! The Prince of Taiwan has returned to Asian-America.com

I want to say thanks to rayhom for giving me a chance to vent my fury and anger at the world – a world that is overpopulated with corporate crime, greedy CEOs, stupid politicians, greasy movie stars, skanky starlets, cheap Chinese dry cleaners that ruin a brother’s Burberry shirt, and of course, FCs that run wild and cause fire hazards at the clubs.

Recently, rayhom lent me a movie called “Sukiyaki Django Western”.

This film is directed by legendary Japanese shock director Takashi Miike. He did works of gory art like Ichi the Killer, with scenes of extreme torture and perversion. Nothing is taboo with this guy, from exploding eyeballs, tongue slicing, and walking penises.

Here though, he shows his softer side, a deference to the iconic cowboy movies of yesteryear, like Shane and the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Miike, does infuse the movie with a heavy does of Japanese of culture, from the Samurai-like armor/uniforms the cowboys wear to the usage of katanas. The story is something like any other western – mysterious stranger with guns quicker on the draw than a FC at the Bellagio buffet saunters into town held captive by two bloody rival gangs. He cleans up town, gets the girl, and kills the bad guys in the end. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but give it a shot if only to see some cool cowboy gun vs. katana fights, bullets being sliced in half, and a cameo appearance by Quentin Tarantino.

Two stars outta 4


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