Media Appearances

You may have taken a wrong turn… but since, you’re here… this section is where I update on moments where I made an appearance, spoke, or got interviewed at a public event, or appeared in a publication or other forms of media. Ironically, I grew up a reserved kid. I’ve overcome a lot of my introversion having experienced a lot of social events and public speaking, but I credit it mainly to having kept a lot journals, reading a lot of scifi/horror books and western philosophy books, growing up on a large dose of hip-hop during the 80s & 90s, and mastered the art of making a good amout of honest, good friends, that became like-family.

That being said…

I also host a pop culture/techie-type podcast titled MEMCast, an offshoot of my media crew, Mind.Erase.Media, where I filmed and produced a few short films. (Plans for more projects are forthcoming.) Anyways, I’ve been running MEMCast since mid-2015. It’s probably the most current on my state of mind, next to this blog site you are on. Give it a listen on ITunes at:

Anyways, here are a few spots that I have appeared in the public eye, when I’m not streaking into the night during a full moon, howling at the silver bullets that have embedded in my buttocks. I like werewolves, okay?


> Less than a week before Comic Con, on July 12, 2019, SDCC Blog featured me as “Attendee of the Week”. Find the post here:
Attendee of the Week: Ray Hom

> This wouldn’t be considered a media appearance, but I’m including this as a relative topic… we were hanging with actress Jackie Dallas during the weekend of WonderCon 2019. She had a booth signing and spoke on a panel,”The Women of SciFi”. And, then I interviewed her on my podcast after the event. You can read and find the podcast here with Jackie.

> On Sat, April 7, 2018, during Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, I was invited to speak on a live podcast panel for Keeping It Nerd around the corner at Caffe Frascati, along with fellow guests… writer and performer, Lauren Garcia, comic book artist, Glen Canlas, and fitness trainer & cosplayer, Saul Cervantes. Hosted by Vince Mostajo and Anthony Rivera, it was a fun-filled hour chit-chat about #NerdCulture and a game round of SuperFight (“a game of absurd arguments”). I could hang with these guys forever geek-style!
Check it out at:

> I guested on the Keeping It Nerd podcast hosted by Vincent Mostajo and Anthony Gerard Rivera on Dec 21, 2017, where we (with guests Reyna Mostajo and Jeremiah Dempsey) discuss with fellow nerds about Star Wars “The Last Jedi”. Listen to it on on iTunes, GooglePlay and Stitcher Radio.
Part I:
Part II:

> I shot a 360 video of MEMCast, Burnout Pictures, Swingshot Films, and Project W Productions speaking with Justin Mallari, on the “The Geek Offensive” podcast, part of the Geek Say What? Network, during WonderCon 2017 weekend in Anaheim. We chat about the convention, Kevin Smith, and Eric Bruce! Shot on a Samsung Gear 360 camera. Listen to the the full length podcast on ITunes under “The Geek Offensive“, or just go to the following url:

> October 31, 2016: Just in time for Halloween, I had written an article on MovieTime.Guru about what are the 13 most fucked up movies I’ve ever seen.
Read it: 13 Most Fucked Up Movies I’ve Ever Seen

> I was a guest speaker on the podcast “Justin’s Apartment” for episode #7: “A Flashlight for RayHomDotCom”. This was my first time doing a podcast, and it was historical, in that, people realized I like to include dick jokes in everything I talk about. (Released Sep 05, 2014). Listen on ITunes:

> On June 11, 2014, I met up with actor, writer, director, and artist, Derrick Wong, to catch-up and chit-chat about our mutual filmmaking projects over Korean food and soju at Tonight Soju in San Francisco. Unbeknownst to me, Derrick asked to interview me for his “Walk-in Wednesdays” projects for his Facebook fan page. You can find the video on YouTube at:

> On March 28, 2014, I sat down for an interview with Gareth Evans, the director of “The Raid: Redemption” and “The Raid 2: Berandal”, and Iko Uwais, star of both films at the bay area Fairmont Hotel. This is probably my most popular video:

> Super-Con Big Wow! ComicFest Filmmakers Panel (May 18, 2013)
Bo and I, again, were part of a panel of independent filmmakers hosted by Miss Misery. Other guests included Mac Beauvais, Chrissy Lynn Kyle, John Gillette, Dylan D Walsh, and Jeff Lunzaga. Currently, there is no public footage of the event, but you can read my experience of the event.

> I was invited to showcase Mind.Erase.Media‘s popular flicks at Revelcade’s Applause Night 2013, and premiered my latest short “Foreshadow” on May 10, 2013. You can read all about the experience here on Revelcade’s Applause Night 2013.

> Savvi’s TecX 2012 in Saigon, Vietnam (July 4, 2012)
I spoke in Saigon, Vietnam for a tech conference about digital filmmaking. It was shot and broadcasted in Vietnam, but, I’m currently unaware of where one can access the footage of the event. But, you can read about my experience on my blog post: Late Ramblings

> Super-Con Big Wow! ComicFest Filmmakers Panel (May 22, 2011)
Bo and I are part of a panel of independent filmmakers hosted by Miss Misery. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any audio or video footage of this event. But, it was quite a fun run, as we had audience members attempt to talk to us as if they were fans.

> Interview in the L.A. Examiner (November 2010)
Ed Moy of the L.A. Examiner interviews me and my brother, Stan Hom, right before our premiere of our 30-min. action/drama short “Mutt” Read it: { L.A. Examiner: Q&A with Stan Hom and Ray Hom }

> Interview on AA Risings (2009): “This A-Profiler we bring you new filmmaker Ray Hom. Find out how Hom’s college English class started him writing, how his current short film Hubris evolved, and why he wants aspiring filmmakers to ‘stop making excuses’.” Read it: { A Profiler: ray hom }

> Interview on the Joe Flynn Show (June 2009): Watch it on YouTube here. There are two parts:

> Interview with a local Berkeley, CA show (July 2009): In regards to my short film “Hubris” being shown at the BCM Film Festival. Watch it on YouTube here:

> Interview on Shannon Lark’s “Chainsaw Mafia” (February 2009): Raven Black talks to me about my first short film “Hubris”, and how’d I got my start. Read it: { Chainsaw Mafia on Hubris } NOTE: Unfortunately, Chainsaw Mafia has closed its doors, and I no longer have a copy of this interview anywhere. If I can ever get my hands on it, I will return and place it here.

> appears in Vibe magazine (2004) I was the web producer for the site when this article appeared. Click on image to enlarge: Click for image

> Chinese News featuring (December 2001) …interviewing me and Jerry Chen regarding the emergence of Asian products online.

> in the Examiner (March 19, 2001) I’m the staff writer mentioned in the article.