Mind Erase Media’s Halloween Party

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Last night, October 26 2007, Mind Erase Media (Jess and I, and others) threw a party at the Best Western Grosvenor in SFO…

Mind Erase Media's Ugly Sexy Halloween Party 2007
Hi All,

Thanks for those who came to our 2007 Halloween Party! I hope everyone had fun!
We have some photos on our website at MindEraseMedia.com. Mind you, these are only the few that we currently have possession of. Please email me your photos/albums to contact@rayhom.com, and I will update the site, as well as credit you for taking the pictures. Pictures will be updated daily as I get them, so check back often on MindEraseMedia.com.
We apologize that it got a little chaotic towards the end, but it’s the kind of chaos we hope you all won’t forget. Unfortunately, Jess and I were in a different alcoholic time zone at various points during the party. If you could please re-introduce yourself by emailing to the above address, I would love to hear your stories about the event and what nonsense ramblings we may have entertained you with during the night.
Jess and I will continue to throw more (bigger & better) parties in the near future. The concept of Mind Erase Media is to bring you media entertainment that will include film, music, and parties! We will update you on that, as we progress on our projects, as well. Thanks again!
See you all again soon!

ray hom & Jessica Vaughn

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