Mind Erase Media Halloween Party Pics

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Mind.Erase.Media (me, Betti, and BigMike) recently hosted a Halloween party at the Verdi Club in San Francisco, in part to promote my first short, “Hubris: a short film“. Both the teaser and full trailers debuted at the party. A special thanks to Joe Bajza and Matrix AVS for providing the LCD projector.

You can find pics from the party on my Facebook page. I haven’t been uploading new pics here on rayhom.com because practically a large majority of my friends/family/visitors to this site are on on FB. And you don’t necessarily need an account on Facebook to view the pics. But, if you wish to comment on ’em… you must come to the dark side, and we can rule the galaxy together!!!

Check out the pics:

M.E.M Halloween Party 2008 (Part I)

M.E.M Halloween Party 2008 (Part II)


Happy Halloween 2008!

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