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I’ve trudged out of my Internet lairs known as Facebook and (on ocassion) Twitter to finally push a blog post here on rayhom.com. Today, I’m announcing a few M.E.M film projects that are in the works.

“Introducing Sally” Teaser Trailer

A couple of years ago, after my first short film “Hubris“, I began writing my next project about a group of anti-heroes who believed they were some type of “fallen angels”. And, in order to distribute justice, they did it violently. One nutty character that stood out in my story was a girl named “Muffy”. She was angry. Young. Immature. And undisciplined. I had to redefine her by having her presented as an experienced adult. What if Muffy grew up? I came up with a description that went like this:

SALLY – dressed in steam-punk gold metal and black leather, complete with thigh-high leather boots and a functioning half-gas mask – walks forward through the doors. Sally’s joint movements are narrated by a series of MECHANICAL WHIRLS AND CLICKS, like she’s made of metal parts. Her features include shoulder-length hair bound in pigtails, with dark and mesmerizing eyes that seem suspiciously devoid of emotion.

“Muffy” is only a nickname. Her birth name is Sally Cageon. She’s part of my world-building of the “Ugly Heaven” universe which I have written about in a few of my past fictional shorts, including my attempt at a novella – “The Asian American Eves“.

For Sally, herself, I wrote a a 10-min short, and will begin production on introducing her starring Jessica Nicole Ramirez as Sally. Aiming for a late Spring 2012 release:

“The Life” Extended Trailer Screening Party

On Friday, March 16, 2012, at “The Recess” Nightclub in San Francisco, there will be screening of an extended trailer for “The Life”, an Asian gangster flick that I’ll be directing. Written and produced by Jimmy Cheung of ASVN.

The event opens its doors at 8:30pm and we will screen the trailer througout the night. A shorter version will be released online on 3/17 to the general public. Come meet me and the rest of the cast and crew along with performances from the the stars of the film – ND and Derrick.

For more info about he screening, please visit the Facebook invite at http://wwww.facebook.com/events/334064083295890/

And the Future of Mind.Erase.Media includes…

Along with my co-producer, Bo! Campbell, we’re continuing to be hard-at-work to produce some more film shorts, viral videos, and various promo videos of all genres including action, horror, fantasy, and romance. With some comedy. Visit MindEraseMedia.com.

Thanks for listening… I mean… reading here again on rayhom.com, as brief as this post was. I’ll be back often. I was told good SEO for a blog should average 20 posts/month. So, come on back soon and I will continue to help you fight illiteracy by reading me. And, in the meantime, head over to Facebook and “like” Mind.Erase.Media for updates on our various projects: http://wwww.facebook.com/minderasemedia

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