Miss Sandy Wong on AsianWeek

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What William Hung should of aspired to –

Suckin’ hilarious!

Breaking news! Miss Sandy Wong, whom me and the boys personally refer to as “Mommy”, is on the cover of this week’s issue of Asian Week. But what super-fucken-sucks is that she isn’t credited. Nor, even worse, the editors never contacted her about her appearance in it. Therefore, she wasn’t compensated. The culprit is SAM Magazine, where Sandy was featured as a Fox back in November 2003, if my memory serves me right. She had taken thousands (literally) of images for the magazine, and only a handful were chosen to be featured in the magazine. And, the rest, as was supposed by Sandy, were destroyed. But, nope, it seems they were archived for future use, without the knowledge by Sandy. As for SAM Magazine itself, it’s pretty much an FHM/Maxim format with a supposed Asian American theme. It lacks any direct, philosophy goal, yet the creator of the magazine claims they are working towards something big. But, judging by the over abundance of scantly clad Asian American females peppered throughout the articles, regulates it to no more than the level of an import site. Yes, I’m being critical, ’cause, I know the majority of Asian American still are not inspired… I have hope that someday, some one will get it right. I’ll comment about the Asian Week article that was part of Sandy’s stolen pic soon… But for now, explain whatdaphuck does “plays near the edge” mean? Is it some new asianAmerican lingo that I’m just not hip to?