More Film Exercises…

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Over the weekend, I had shot and edited the following using my cheap miniDV camera using my bro, Stan, and Jerry as actors. They did quite a job, despite being non-actors. Took me 45 minutes to shoot it, and about half-a-day to edit it.

Make sure you have it on the high quality option, when viewing. Depending on your connection, it may default to “normal quality.” And, also, you can choose the closed caption option by clicking on the “cc” to see the subtitles. Heheh… I’m real proud of this one. Enjoy!

And, Stan, shot another goofy video using me (and my sister-in-law) acting goofy again.

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  1. Ray,

    Awesome. That was really cool . The one w/ you and your sis in law is hilarious. hehehe

    Big screen coming soon?

  2. that’s pretty good! you used your little camera for that? haha, how contagious – makes me wanna play with my bro’s camera!

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