Natural Fraud

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As a lover of books, and a hater of those that don’t read them, ironically, time has come for me where I’ve got to call attention to one you should NOT READ – Kevn Tredeau’s Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About. A popular piece of pseudoscientific bullshit that is an example of the worst kind of sales pitch conning those that are easily naive and gullible. “A 42 year-old ex-convict and infomercial guru, [Tredeau] preys on the most vulnerable among us, the sick and elderly. The FTC fined him $2 million and barred him from selling products with infomercials…” If you bought this book, quietly find your receipt and return for a refund… If you’re past the date of the return policy allowed, burn the fucker. You can tell by customer reactions on that they are a bit angry being ripped-off. Great article about this scam artist at this link