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Read, every day, something no one else is reading.
Think, everyday, something no one else is thinking.
Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to continually be part of unanimity.

-Christopher Morley

Hello. Back again and at a more productive rate. Well, just a few main points will be said here about (since I literally didn’t say much the last time around): surf through the site your damn self, you are ugly on the inside as well as the outside, and the world is ending on the 7th period the Motang Millennium Era to make room for the invasion of the two-brained, SfRAAm species…

Calm down! I’m only kiddin’! Why do people believe anything they say these days? Especially through the email and the Internet? Well, the following points are true. (Be my guest and do the research.) Actually, I wasn’t kiddin’ about the SfRAAm species having two brains…

Who’s that girl? Sin Cin’s that girl… We have a new face and body at No, no, no, no, for all you Clara Lee fans, calm down. She’s still representin’ on there. Cindy Lee is our new addition to heighten your viewing experience at Well, if both you’re eyes are at opposite ends of your noggin’ and you lack the visual conception of who’s who… Clara is on the left and Cindy is on the right. Now do you know your left from your right? Check them out at

A critic is a gong at a railroad crossing
clanging loudly and vainly as the train goes by.

– Christopher Morley

I found the following Newsweek article very amusing and somewhat enlightening also. We tend to bias (don’t lie, I’m guilty of it too) our reviews of movies based on what the critics say. But how legitimate and reliable are the critics? (Thanks, Rob Gee, for sending me this link!)

The Reviewer Who Wasn’t There
Sony resorts to some questionable marketing practices to promote new movies

By John Horn

June 2 — David Manning of The Ridgefield Press is one of Columbia Pictures’ most reliable reviewers, praising Heath Ledger of “A Knight’s Tale” as “this year’s hottest new star!” and saluting “The Animal” as “another winner!” The studio plastered Manning’s raves over at least four different movie advertisements, including “Hollow Man” and “Vertical Limit.” But Manning’s own life story should be called “Charade,” because he doesn’t exist. Challenged last week by NEWSWEEK about the reviewer’s authenticity, Columbia parent Sony Pictures Entertainment admitted that Manning is a fake, a product of the studio’s advertising department. more…

I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.
– Galileo Galilei

Now to get into my philosophical mode…

I subscribe to the school of thought known as Rational Skepticism. I don’t believe in things like ghosts, psychics, or UFOs. There are no scientific proof for any of these things (unless you accept X-Files to be fact). Don’t ask me to prove that psychics and ghosts don’t exits because I’m not obligated to Prove a Negative. It’s like asking me to prove that one plus one is not three. But you have the right to believe as you wish, even if it was negative…

I am not religious, as most of you probably concluded, but at the same time I support whole-heartedly the concept of Freedom of Religion. I believe (irony use of the word) in the somewhat basic learned knowledge of religious/spiritual subjects — such as a few examples the Holy Bible, the Torah, Islam, Buddhism, the Bhagavad-Gita, as well as Atheism and other beliefs (Yes! There is more than one God! Can you find them all?) — before having the sense to defend or criticize religion. Any other way would be self-righteous ignorance and bigotry.

Being that said, the following is a humorous support of evolution. You don’t have to believe anything said…

“[On April 29, 2001] at the Skeptics Caltech event I read a little story blending Genesis and science. A number of people requested that I send them copies, so I thought I would just post it here. It’s very short. Be sure to forward it to all your creationist friends and colleagues.” – Michael Shermer


By Sri Leachim Remresh

In the beginning–specifically on October 23, 4004 B.C., at noon–out of nothing (actually the quantum foam fluctuation) God created inflationary cosmology out of which our universe was triggered by the Big Bang. He saw that the Big Bang was VERY big, too big for creatures that could worship him, so He created the earth. And darkness was upon the face of the deep, so He commanded hydrogen atoms (which He created out of Quarks and other subatomic goodies) to fuse and become helium atoms and in the process release energy in the form of light. And the light maker he called the sun, and the process He called fusion. And He saw the light was good because now He could see what he was doing. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

And God said, Let there be lots of fusion light makers in the sky. Some of these fusion makers appear to be more than 4004 light years from Earth. In fact, some of the fusion makers He grouped into collections He called galaxies, and these appeared to be millions and even billions of light years from Earth, so He created tired light so that these fusion makers only appeared to be that far and the 4004 B.C. creation would be preserved. And created He many wondrous splendors such as Red Giants, White Dwarfs, Quasars, Pulsars, Nova and Supernova, worm holes, and even Black Holes out of which nothing can escape. But since God cannot be constrained by nothing, He created Hawking radiation through which information can escape from Black Holes. This cosmic loophole made God even more tired than tired light, and the evening and the morning were the second day.

And God said, Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together unto one place, and let the continents drift apart by plate tectonics. He decreed sea floor spreading would create zones of emergence, and He caused subduction zones to build mountains and cause earthquakes. In weak points in the crust God created volcanic islands, where the next day He would place organisms that were similar to but different from their relatives on the mainlands so that still later created creatures called humans would mistake them for evolved descendants. And in the land God placed fossil fuels, natural gas, and other natural resources for humans to exploit, but not until after Day Six. And the evening and the morning were the third day.

And God saw that the land was lonely, so he created animals bearing their own kind, declaring Thou shalt not evolve into new species, and thy equilibrium shall not be punctuated. And God placed into the land’s strata, fossils that appeared older than 4004 B.C., and the sequence resembled descent with modification. And the evening and morning were the fourth day.

And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creatures that hath life, the fishes. And God created great whales whose skeletal structure and physiology were homologous with the land mammals he would create later that day. Since this caused confusion in the valley of the shadow of doubt God brought forth abundantly all creatures, great and small, declaring that microevolution was permitted, but not macroevolution. And God said, Natura non facit saltum–Nature shall not make leaps. And the evening and morning were the fifth day.

And God created the pongidids and hominids with 99% genetic similarity, naming two of them Adam and Eve, who were anatomically fully modern humans. And in the ground placed He in abundance teeth, jaws, skulls, and pelvises of transitional fossils from pre-Adamite creatures. One he chose as his special creation He named Lucy. And God realized this was confusing, so he created paleoanthropologists to sort it out.

Just as He was finishing up the loose ends of the creation, such as putting the pit in avocados, God realized that Adam’s immediate descendants would not understand inflationary cosmology, global general relativity, quantum mechanics, astrophysics, biochemistry, paleontology, and the other ologies, so he created creation myths. But there were so many creation stories throughout the world God realized this was confusing, so he created anthropologists, folklorists, and mythologists to sort it out.

But confusion reigned in the valley of the shadow of doubt, so God became angry, so angry that God lost His temper and cursed the first humans, telling them to go forth and multiply themselves. But they took God literally and 6,000 years later there are six billion humans. And the evening and morning were the sixth day. So God said, Thank me its Friday, and He made the weekend. And He saw that it was a good idea.

About the author: Sri Leachim Remresh is a Vedic philosopher from India who presently lives in the United States and periodically performs psychic readings on the radio, particularly on Milt Rosenberg’s show in Chicago. Despite the best efforts of skeptics to debunk him, including an expose on Rosenberg’s own show by a prominent skeptic, Remresh continues to flourish.


Michael Shermer is the Publisher of Skeptic magazine, the Director of the Skeptics Society, host of the Skeptics Science Lecture Series at Caltech, columnist for Scientific American, and author of Why People Believe Weird Things, How We Believe, and The Borderlands of Science.

Sorry I made you read so much. Blame it on the school teacher that did her/his job. Yeah, when you read too much, it makes you think… and of course, when you think, you begin to form your own thoughts. Oh shit, what happens when you have thoughts… The world begins to go to hell…

Have a thoughtful day!