One Shot To The Head Is All It Takes

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Head Shot to the DomeWell, 2008 has arrived upon us! And to your left is the “head shot” wound that Matt had inflicted on me, over the past weekend, when a group of us guys (plus Los) gathered for paintball fighting. When the splatter of green paint (which I describe as the same color as the blood of a Predator) made impact against my outer cranium, I witnessed an epiphany of nothingness… damn, that hurted! May your new year be painless!


2 Replies to “One Shot To The Head Is All It Takes”

  1. ouch…though i have always wanted 2 try paintball combat, i must admit i don’t want 2 get popped in the cranium as you did! a pic with the green paint oozing like fake blood would have been an extra rawking “head shot pic”…you take better care now you here…oi.oi.oi.

  2. you’re so gangster! i want to go play paint ball. you better call a nigga – whoops, i meant lady…lol – out the next time you go!

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